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Ambassador or Affiliate / Influencer as they are better known! You are part of CYMCORP's sharing phase of the program.

As an Ambassador, when you share your experience of CYMCORP’s life-changing products with others, you’ll earn 20% on their purchases (your “Level 1”); and 10% on the purchases of people they refer (your “Level 2”).

NOTE: You are not required to be a CYMCORP customer to become an Ambassador but having a personal experience to share, being “a product of the product”, always makes for a better story.

All purchases of products are placed directly with CYMCORP through the link of a referring Ambassador (the “Seller”), thereby tracking that transaction for the benefit of the Seller’s commission. Even on recurring purchases.

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Scholar or Distributors as they are better known in the industry are part of CYMCORP's growing phase of the program.

Building a Scholar Team

As an active CYMCORP Scholar (or higher rank):

  • You can sponsor other Scholars and earn overrides on their sales.
  • Although CYMCORP provides online training for new Scholars, it’s your job as their Sponsor to support, assist and encourage the Scholars on your team.
  • Your “team” consists of the Ambassadors and Scholars you personally sponsor (your “Level 1s”), those they sponsor (your “Level 2s”) and so on.
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Client or Customer as they are better known! They are part of CYMCORP's growing community of people who are benefiting from the many properties of our products.

CYMCORP prides itself in having scientifically proven products that answers the needs of our clientele.

Viprox® is our nontoxic, non-invasive therapy to re-balance your whole organism and take care of you holistically. It is clinically proven to work at 98.9% efficacy.

GSH Complex® is backed by over 160,000 medical articles you can review on PubMed. (

But as they say the proof is in the pudding. Hear the Success Stories from people like you who have tried our line of products. (

Try it and if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. You have nothing to lose.

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We recommend selecting a Replicated Scholar Website name that reflects your business vs. a personal nickname or the like. Once selected you won’t be able to change it.
A $10 / monthly website maintenance required to complete your enrollment.

If you do not have a referral ID: pls Call 1-888-968-3592 or write to and we will assign someone who will take good care of you.
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