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We want to empower you to take back control of your health. For far too long, people have been passengers on a runaway bus of a costly and often strained health-care system. We want to change that. It is time for you to grab hold of the wheel and blaze a new, healthier path to your overall well-being.

For more than 16 years, we have been providing a scientifically proven, holistic and all-natural approach to improving your health and boosting your immune system so that your body can fight off many of the diseases and conditions that affect it. At CYMCORP, we are doing our part to contribute to your journey on a healthy road of complete physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.


1996 – The journey begins. Robert Gauthier, President and founder, asks himself a single question: Isn’t there a better way to combat illness and maintain our health? This question leads to the discovery of glutathione and its powerful effects on the immune system.

2003 – Years of research, consultation, development and testing leads to the creation of their flagship product, GSH Complex (a formulation that stimulates the production of glutathione in your body) and their groundbreaking Provida CVE production process.

2005 – To reinforce the power of GSH Complex, two companion products are created: UNE VIE (a hydrating solution that acts as an effective delivery system for GSH Complex), and Triozyme (a dietary supplement that provides your body with essential nutrients and helps digestion).

2007 – Robert and his team of health care professionals conduct their first clinical study in Togo, Africa. The results are extremely promising, with 98.8% efficacy.

2008 – Nutraxis International Inc. — based in Quebec, Canada — is created.

2009 – CYMCORP Inc. (Nutraxis’s parent company) receives a patent for VIPROX, its complete health care treatment which consists of all three of its products.

2010 – Nutraxis releases VIPROX to the public and donates one VIPROX to a family in need for every sale.

2013 – With over 80 retailers throughout Canada and the United States already carrying its products, the company launches its website and begins selling to customers all over the world.

2018 – To streamline and restructure its business, Nutraxis International Inc. is rebranded to its parent company name CYMCORP Inc. Plus, people had a difficult time pronouncing “Nutraxis”!

2020 – CYMCORP launches its beauty and skincare brand, PREZERV.


I sincerely believe that good health is a fundamental human right — not a privilege. With good health you’re granted life’s greatest commodity: time. Time with family and friends, time to travel and experience the world, time to enjoy special occasions and retirement, and hopefully, time away from the doctor’s office. Although getting sick is a natural part of life, illness shouldn’t rob you of your freedom and opportunity to truly experience what life has to offer.

Our goal, since forming this company, has always been to help you regain this time by taking control of your own health and well-being. But my road to the health-care industry wasn’t a direct one. Like so many, I was immersed in the business world for the majority of my professional life. As the vice president of a major Canadian grocery store chain, I lived a life of great responsibility, fulfilling challenges and financial successes. Sadly, none of these are conducive to, or a guarantee of, healthy living. The daily stress and grind of responsibility can wear down your physical and mental health.

As we get older, health thrusts its way into the forefront of our consciousness — whether we want it to or not. I realized that it doesn’t matter how successful you are. It doesn’t matter how many people you have in your social circle. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. Rich or poor, illness doesn’t discriminate. As the old Italian proverb goes: at the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

My journey into health care began in 2000, when I learned the sobering statistic that 15M children were orphans of AIDS in Africa. It was unfathomable. In the age of modern medical, scientific and technological advancements, how is this even possible? I knew the sad truth that developing countries can’t afford the exorbitant costs associated with pharmaceutical drugs and don’t always have adequate access to health care professionals.

I was then confronted by a single question that was both simple and complex: Isn’t there a better way? The search to find an answer to this question led to seven years of research on biology and the human anatomy, collaborations with well-established medical doctors and advisors, and multiple trips to Africa. My interest sparked a passion, and this passion was molded into a mission.

At first, we tackled the problem of fighting diseases by conventional means — using various “weapons” to attack viruses that cause illness. And, yes, that works. Bombarding viruses with different treatments and drugs can be effective at controlling or eliminating viruses. But they can, and usually do, wreak havoc on your body as well. After all, you can eliminate a pest problem in your home with fire, but what good will it do if it ends up reducing your home to cinders?

We then looked at the problem from a different angle. Why not strengthen and boost the human body’s immune system so that it can do what it’s naturally meant to do: protect itself? Why not be proactive and keep ourselves from getting sick in the first place? And if we do get sick, why not give ourselves the best chances of a speedy recovery? It was then that we started extensive research on the body’s naturally occurring antioxidant glutathione and its incredible effects on the immune system. It completely changed our perception of health care.

Everything we have done, and strive to continue doing, has been based around our philosophy that true health care isn’t only about treating diseases and illnesses, it’s about treating the people afflicted by them. This is why it was so important for us to create a non-invasive treatment with no adverse side effects. Our goal is, as it was over 20 years ago, not only to protect your health; our goal is to protect your quality of life.

Robert Gauthier
President & CEO
CYMCORP International

Meet Our Team


Robert Gauthier
CEO, President



Willy Tsaku, MD
Medical Advisor

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